Who Is Xay Astro?

Xay Astro (born May 2, 1997) is a Psychedelic-Trance Recording Artist, Songwriter, Composer, and Producer from Enterprise, Alabama. Some of his early influences include artists like Kanye West, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Outkast & Tame Impala. Having such influences push his creativity and approach to think outside the box and in his own way. Making music that is authentic and true to self through reflection of personal storytelling through a cosmic/astral lens that is Xay. Having a unique niche for cadences and rhyme schemes. The music is euphoric with a lot of colors as it catches you with cinematic intent as he takes you on a trip through his mind with slowed and screwed elements to capitalize mood tones while feeling the unpacked lyrics of his truth, filled with sub harmonies and beautiful melodies that draw you into his odyssey through space, time, enlightenment, and positive messages to a new world of sounds that have you ready to explore more. Xay Astro’s out-of-world presence only compliment his futuristic glow as he creates a realm of adventure and fantasy with his unique artistry and creativity, while also bringing the listener into a new galaxy one song at a time.